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As part of its commitment to responsible wealth ownership, the Private Wealth Council launched the Responsible Wealth Review in June 2008. The publication explores the opportunities and issues surrounding responsible wealth ownership, offering insight and analysis from some of the world's leading thinkers and decision makers.

The latest issue introduces the concept of "Responsible Investing" and examines some of the investment opportunities that are on the "right" side of global developments. These innovative, social and environmental initiatives are shaping a more equitable and sustainable global economy and generating positive socio-economic outcomes as well as sustainable returns for wealth owners.

The previous issue of June 2008 explores the issue of privacy - a critical aspect of responsible wealth ownership. Whether a businessperson wishes to protect intellectual property from competition or an affluent family wants to protect their assets from corruption, theft or extortion, each is entitled to their privacy and peace of mind. Contributors comment on an Internet generation that values freedom of communication over the individual's right to privacy as well as the perils of publicizing personal security. The Honourale Al Gore outlines a must-read list of mega trends based on nine drivers of global change in his discussion with Council participants.

Responsible Investing

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Read the German issue on Privacy online