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The Private Wealth Council is an international forum comprised of substantial wealth owners, industry representatives and opinion leaders.

As an action-oriented think tank with a focus on responsible private wealth owernship, it addresses major trends and proposes visionary solutions pertaining to the preservation and growth of private wealth.

The Private Wealth Council is independent and not-for-profit.


Substantial family wealth can be both a blessing as well as a burden.

How can wealth-generating families support and foster mulit-generational wealth preservation and creation? How can families prepare themselves for unexpected external events which impact on their wealth? How can families use their wealth to improve the world they live in?

The Council aims to provide its members with a platform that fosters innovation and leadership by exposing them to new ideas and linking them with peers. Through this cross-fertilization, the Council generates strategic foresight in issues pertaining to the preservation, growth and application of private wealth.


The Private Wealth Council traces its beginnings to a small, intimate gathering over two days at the Schatzalp Hotel in Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in January 2004.

Fritz Kaiser initiated the concept of a 'Responsible Wealth Owners Forum' where very affluent individuals could explore issues of wider social significance and how their wealth could be used to address these issues.

At this first meeting, a group of concerned individuals discussed the concept of responsibility in the context of private wealth ownership. These discussions were enriched by the input of leading experts from the fields of government/foreign policy, socio-economics, philanthrophy, philosophy and literature.

Based on the positive outcome of the meeting, the 'Private Wealth Council' was founded as the framework for an ongoing dialogue on strategic issues in private wealth. The Private Wealth Council is independent and not-for-profit.

Drivers of Global Change


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